Andi Steele’s installations and sculptures focus attention on our surrounding environment; what already exists, how we interact with it, how it can be changed. Using linear materials, she shifts how we perceive the forms and space around us.

Her site-specific installations use monofilament fishing line to divide existing spaces, altering appearance and function. Viewers are subtly directed through the spaces, invited into some areas, blocked from others. The monofilament heightens the change in perception by distorting visual depth.

Similarly, Andi’s metal sculptures both interrupt and encompass space. The lines frame portions of the surrounding area but also create new spaces within the sculpture. The interior and exterior become interchangeable, challenging spatial perception.

By dividing spaces, and creating new places within existing sites, Andi tries to bring awareness to what she see as a universal blindness to our surroundings caused by rushed lives and over stimulated environments. Andi uses her work as a way to slow people down, encouraging them to really look and consider the objects, space, and happenings that surround them.

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